Meet Our Teachers



Joe Fairleigh

Joe is a qualified Yoga teacher, Movement coach and Ayurvedic Practitioner with a 15 year background in Martial Arts. Joe combines his depth of knowledge and practice into teaching classes, workshops, consultations, training programs, health education seminars and international retreats.

Joe has been trained and mentored for the past 7 years under the experience & wisdom of his teachers in North Eastern Thailand, at the Nong Khai Alternative Centre. Together his teachers combine with over 60 years of yogic wisdom which they continue to enrich and influence Joes teaching style. Joe has completed multiple Yoga intensives with his teachers, as well as completing his Advanced Yoga Practitioners training twice.

Joes style of teaching Yoga asana is slow, strong, breath and meditatively focused.

Celeste Franklin

Celeste’s Yoga classes are a creative blend of classical Hatha with touches of Yin & Restorative styles which often incorporate Aroma, Ritual, Mantra, Mudras & Meditation.

Flowing with the moons cycles & seasonal influences, Celeste creates a nourishing, nurturing environment where you can calm your mind, release physical tension, increase flexibility & improve strength gently.

Celeste has practiced professionally as an Aromatherapist, Spa therapist & Healer over the past 22 years & has studied with many teachers & varied healing modalities. Celeste also holds Women’s Healing Circles & Meditation gatherings, her aim is to allow people time & space to reconnect with themselves, deepen their awareness to their own true nature, nourish & restore, mind, body, breath.

Rich Kelly

After 10 years of actively exploring yoga Rich was drawn to share his learning and embarked on his yoga teaching path. Rich began his Ashtanga teacher training in Thailand  with 4th series Ashtanga practitioners Donovan Hicks and Ricardo Martinez. He continued to complete 100 hours Rocket yoga training and a mix of Ashtanga (primary, second and third series) yoga. Upon his return to Australia Rich undertook another 220 hours of teacher training with Duncan Peak at Power Living Yoga in Sydney. Rich combines his love of wellbeing, yoga, surfing and being of service to others through his yoga teaching in classes, private sessions and workshops.

Hannah Perkins

Hannah has been teaching Mindfulness since 2013 and Yoga since 2016. Having experienced chronic pain for many years, she is ‘fascia-nated’ with the connective tissues in the body and how they send loving information to us through the language of sensation.

She completed her 500hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training locally through Yogic Wisdom and Mindfulness (MBSR) Teacher training through Mindfulness Training Institute Australasia. She has since trained extensively with some of the world’s best Yin Yoga and Embodied Movement teachers including Sarah and Ty Powers, Jo Phee, Tom Myers and Karin Gurtner.

In 2015, Hannah was selected to be part of the world’s largest online mindfulness summit, a free online event with 31 of the world’s leading Mindfulness teachers, researchers and experts from around the world.

Hannah is committed to helping those facing the uncertainty of anxiety/depression, life-threatening illness and chronic pain. She brings warmth, practicality and her own life experiences to her teaching and facilitating.

Helena Richardson

Helena’s Yoga journey started in 2013 in Warsaw, Poland. What at the beginning was her escape from a hectic lifestyle soon started playing a big role in her life.

In 2015 Helena quit her job at an advertising agency and went to Bali to deepen her Yoga knowledge and to learn from international teachers. The same year Helena completed her teacher training and started teaching.

What Helena loves the most about teaching Yoga is the ability to share with her students the passion, knowledge and all the benefits that she has gained through the practice and to help her students create their own unique Yoga experience.

Ben Simpson

Ben teaches Yoga purely for the purpose of sharing with others what Yoga has taught and continues to teach him.

Yoga in the form of Asana, Breath-work and Meditation for Ben is a daily practice, a practice of self-inquiry, a way of strengthening the mind-body connection and a way of moving through each day. Teaching Yoga for Ben is a way to help others work towards having a healthy mind to live with and a healthy body to live in.

Brooke Simpson

Yoga in a variety of forms has been part of Brookes life for many years.

After committing herself to a regular practice in 2014 Brooke experienced the healing that Yoga brings to the physical body. Through her teaching Brooke will share with you the benefits of dedicating time for yourself to connect with your body, focus on your breath and find calm and stillness in your mind.

Cristina Smith

Cristina has been teaching Power Vinyasa and Yin Yoga since September 2012. She offers a class focused on cultivating core strength through creative flow, a place to unwind, have fun, realise your unlimited potential and escape from mental and physical tension. Cristina believes your yoga journey begins at the edge of your comfort zone – explore your edge and watch the possibilities unfold!

Elise Smith

Elise's love of yoga began over 15 years ago when she was searching for a way to stay sane in an over scheduled world. Yoga has now become a way of life, a lifelong path for learning.

To deepen her understanding of yoga she completed her teacher training in 2012 and loves sharing the impact yoga can have on our lives and capacity for joy. Elise brings to her classes a gentle, nurturing style to connect mind and body.

She says of The Yoga Place Blacksmiths "I am so grateful to be part of this beautiful studio and amazing community"